Sunday, 24 February 2013

Happiness is ..

Happiness is ..

.. a twinkle in your eye.
.. sunshine in your smile.
.. sparkling snow on the way to school.
.. a splash in the swimming pool.
.. the rhythmic humming of the breeze.
.. whispering rustle of dry leaves.
.. pitter pat-pat of little feet.
.. green shade of the trees lining the street.
.. a bird hopping on the window sill.
.. a waterfall cascading down the hill.
.. a letter found in the letterbox this morning.
.. sitting by the fireplace in the evening.
.. kites flying against the wind.
.. a garden smartly pruned and trimmed.
.. a cup of hot tea and cream bun.
.. a thought stretching in the sun.
.. a day to look forward to.
.. a wish that may come true.

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