Tuesday, 2 April 2019

The Sepoy Revolution

Workers cleaning the gutters
Without the safety gears
Died of poisonous gases.
Cried the bold headlines.

We the moral custodians
We the conscientious
We the sympathetic righteous
Shed thought-provoking tears.
Blamed the insensitive parties
And debated the dubious ethics.

While we hurled accusations
And became moral champions.
Three young students set to work
To figure out practical solutions.
They have finally devised an option.
To replace human scavengers
With affordable robotic scavengers.

We just found fault with the system.
They simply solved the problem.

Now it's our turn again to seek justice.
Insist on getting the idea implemented.

If opportunities come disguised as problems..
Then here is a mighty challenge for us to overcome.

Story Courtesy : Social Story
Image Courtesy : The Hindu


  1. Delightful sharing Noops ...
    Always be Blessed And Lots Of Love....

    1. Delightful indeed.
      Did you read the poem also ?

    2. Thank you for your kind appreciation and encouragement. Do keep visiting the blog please.

  2. Thanks! It's such a very nice post. i will definitely share it with colleagues Apne Naam Ki Ringtone Kaise Banaye

  3. Thank you Meena ji.
    It's our duty to be alert and get this implemented.

  4. Atlast, there is hope. We all read the news and criticise anyone but us. To whom it really pricked, made a difference.

    1. Thank you Anmol Sa.
      Implementation is the key factor. Even now safety gear is supposed to be used but it was not provided to those who died of inhaling poisonous gases in a city like Mumbai. Therefore, it is time to act as #MainBhiChowkidar.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Ravindraji.
      The wonder boys have done a wonderful job.
      Now it is our turn to keep a vigil.


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