Wednesday, 28 March 2018

जीतेगा मनोबल

कौन कह सकता है ,
सूरदास देख नहीं सकते थे ?
सूर की दृष्टि से ही 
हर भक्त ने 
कृष्ण लीला का 
भावमय दर्शन किया ।

बिना जाने 
कौन मान सकता था ?
हेलेन केलर ना सुन सकती थीं ,
ना देख सकती थीं ।
पर जानती सब थीं ।    
उनसे ज़्यादा 
भरपूर जीवन किसने जिया ?
सारे संसार को उन्होंने 
प्रसन्न और कर्मठ जीवन का 
सुन्दर दर्शन दिया ।

हेलेन केलर को देखना सिखाया 
एक टीचर के विश्वास ने ।

सूरदास ने जीवन भक्ति से साधा 
और मन की आँखों से देखा ।

सामर्थ्य जब कम हो,
युद्ध मनोबल से जीते जाते हैं ।     


Anonymous said...

In School was in Helen Keller house! You have so beautifully conveyed the Strength of the Will! You have the Power of words in each of your compositions!
Noopur keep writing! Hope one day you will publish a book on your compilation Named
“ Noopurbole”

anmol mathur said...

I agree with the previous comment. I will be the first one to buy noopubole. Bohot sundarr kavota hai and happy to read it on a special day.

noopuram said...

Generous souls beware ! I am making a mental note of your commitment ! It's on record now ! I already have two buyers on the list !

Anmol Mathur please tell us about the special day ..

noopuram said...

Dear Anonymous !

It is so sweet and kind of you to appreciate me so. I am deeply touched. I hope I can write to make people feel happy about themselves, hopeful and capable of doing good.

On a lighter note, just look at the right side of the page.Today's quote ....

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

Rudyard Kipling

Now words are also open to a wide spectrum of interpretation and understanding !

Thank you again. Please keep visiting and sharing your thoughts. If you wish you can leave your email address in the Follow By Email box in the right margin of the page.


संजय भास्‍कर said...


noopuram said...

Thank you Sanjay Bhaskarji.

I feel you will also appreciate today's quote on the right margin.....

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

Havelock Ellis