Sunday, 27 October 2013

Praying Without Any Reason

Prayer sews up the torn ends of our lives, when needed. And prayer enhances the quality of our daily lives, when done without any expectations. However, everyone has a reason to pray. And some pray without any reason. That brings us to the question.. why do we pray ?

Is prayer equivalent to asking ? Asking for good health, success, happiness and anything and everything under the sun.May be yes, on the level of daily consciousness. May be not, if it is the language of our soul. 

Bapu .. Mahatma Gandhi has said about prayer -

"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul." 

Longing indeed. When the soul wants to spread its wings and reach out to God.. talk to Him.. its called prayer. It is to offer our purest thoughts to God that we pray.  

What is my reason for praying ? Prayer works like an emotional catharsis for me. Every time I pray, it changes me a little bit. It helps me figure out things for myself by laying my heart open before the omniscient God. 

But I believe God has a sense of humour too and he loves to listen to us when we go to Him asking for things ranging from "good marks in the board exam.." to "Oh God please ! make her fall in love with me !"

The most innocent prayers are said by the children. They are unaware of this dilemma of what prayer is. They have been taught to pray and to trust God. So they entrust Him with their secret desires and innocent wishes. Their prayers are the most touching ones as well. 

Remember the story in which a little girl gifts her father a box filled with wishes and prayers !

The funniest side of praying is that sometimes older people sound like children in their desperation to pray for things to change the equation of their lives ! A college student I know prayed to God so he may pass the examination in which he had hardly answered the paper ! What would you call that ? Misguided faith in God's power or trying to fool even God !  

Myriads of reasons to pray ! Pray to lose weight ! To win the cricket match ! To get the cinema tickets for the first show !

To get that coveted job ! To get married to a wealthy and wise girl ! Hmmm ! To be the next lucky winner of the first prize !
To become the party secretary ! To get a promotion ! No end to it really !

To talk about the ritual of praying. Some people just sit and meditate. Some chant mantras. Some count beads. Some light a lamp or an incense stick. What we call the agarbathies in our language. Lighting an incense stick is like weaving a thread of our innermost thoughts. The fragrance kind of purifies the surroundings and helps one to be in deep thought. 

Cycle Brand Agarbathi pack just serves the purpose when prayers are held at our home. It has a most soothing and calming effect on our tired and frayed nerves. That is why we will be celebrating Diwali this year with the Cycle Lakshmi Pooja Pack to complete this  year's pooja rituals.

The Indian tradition is to begin our day with a prayer of the well being of our fellow human beings. 

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramayah. 

Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu, Ma Kashchid Dukh Bhagbhavet.

Wishing happiness, good health, the right perspective in life devoid of sorrow.                                                                    

In fact, in all cultures of the world the practice is to begin a day and end a day with a prayer.


When we pray God smiles at us and showers us with his blessings, whatever our reason to pray is.


Shams Noor Farooqi said...

don’t know if it is a general blog post or is written to sell cycle brand agarbatti through thus not judging the post, i only pray that you get good business this Diwali. Be Blessed.

ps: it would be better idea to sell your poems; for the fragrance of agarbatti lasts for a few hours only, when the fragrance of a good poem may last for a life time.

noopuram said...

Shams saahab this has been written as part of a blog contest by Cycle brand. It is called everyone has a reason to pray. I like the thought. So I decided to participate. Even when you have decided not to say anything about the post, you have said a lot in your post script. Thank you. Elaane Sahar is not a contest post. Your thoughts on it are eagerly awaited.

noopuram said...

शम्स साहब ! हमारे बेचे अगरबत्तियां भी नहीं बिकीं ! यानी अगरबत्ती का पैकेट भी नहीं मिला ! और आपसे डांट और पड़ गयी ! अर्थात या तो माल बेचिये या हाले दिल कहिये ! दोनों नावों में पांव रख कर नदी पार नहीं हो सकती ! ये सीख मिली ! और इधर आपने नंबर भी नहीं दिए ! : (

noopuram said...
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Shams Noor Farooqi said...

अरे डांट नहीं पड़ी बिट्टो। दिल मत दुखाओ अपना। जब मैंने इसे पढ़ा तो समझ नहीं सका कि किसी प्रतियोगिता की इंट्री भी हो सकती है। अब मुझे ध्यान है कि इंडीब्लागर पर ऐसी बातें होती रहती हैं। मेरा भी वहाँ पर एकाउंट है। बहुत दिनों से देखा नहीं। नंबर तो आप को १०० में १०० हैं जी। ठीक है, मैं इसको किसी दिन फिर से पढ़ूँगा। यह तो मेरा ही टॉपिक है। दिन रात सब के लिये प्रार्थना करता रहता हूँ। और कैसी कैसी प्रार्थना? आप ने भी लिखा है न। अभी कल एक बच्ची का फोन आया कि मच्छर बहुत काटते हैं। प्रार्थना कर दो। मैंने कहा ईश्वर ने उन मच्छरों के लिये तेरा ही ख़ून लिखा है, तो मैं क्या करूँ। बोली, नहीं कर दो। मैंने करी, क्या करता। :)